Jobs @ Red Bull



with a talent for the position of  "Brand & Sales Developer"
for the Durban region

What the world of Red Bull can offer you:

- interesting and exciting job with a leading global brand of energy drinks, which gives wiiings to your career
- to utilise your talent in the On-Premise scene by achieving significant assignments in marketing & sales
- flexible working hours with attractive rewards
- company car, Red Bull Mobile phone, laptop, internet access, digital camera, storage facilities, ipad2
- training and development program
- participation in international projects

What Red Bull expects from you:

- maintaining and improving distribution, visibility, presentation and  activity in the On-Premise environment
- strengthen existing relationships and networking to secure new customers
 - building brand awareness in everyday customer and consumer interactions
- enthusiasm to work on weekends and night life hours

How Red Bull imagines you:

- you are dynamic, energetic, communicative, open minded, physically fit, and you enjoy socialising
- you have an ability to work independently and be self-disciplined
- you have a minimum of a matric education and a valid drivers licence

Send your CV, letter of motivation and photo with the subject line "MUSKETEER" to: &



You may have seen an unusual sight on your road of late, a mini with a giant Red Bull can attached to the back. That car was in fact one of our Red Bull Wiings Team vehicles.
What is a Red Bull Wiings Team you may ask? Well it is in fact the name we give to our sampling team members whose job it is to drive to set locations and give 'wiiings' (a can of Red Bull Energy Drink) to consumers when they need it most ie.the right people, in the right place and at the right time.
This means a huge amount of variety in the day to day working life of a Red Bull Sampler, whose day can include anything from sampling in the city, at a Red Bull event, at a university, a trade show or pretty much anywhere where people need energy.
All of our Samplers have certain things in common - they are students who are outgoing, have great communication skills, boundless energy, are friendly, professional, intelligent, proactive, have a current driver's license, and most importantly, have fun doing their job.
We are now looking for samplers who are fluent in English and an African language!!
If this sounds like the type of person you are and this sounds like the job for you, please send your CV to the Sampling Coordinator in your region:



Olga Antoniades


Western Cape:

Kelly Orgill


Kwa-Zulu Natal:

Kelly Silson


Eastern Cape:

Chanelle Abdoll