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Sebastian Vettel tells all about his trip to visit Thierry Henry and the New York Red Bulls – an opportunity he took on the way back from last week's Canadian Grand Prix.


I didn't go straight home after the long Grand Prix of Canada, but was able to make a quick trip to America instead, to join the players of the New York Red Bulls for their training in New Jersey. Being a soccer fan and amateur player myself, it was an amazing opportunity to play together with real professionals for the first time and truly experience the feeling of soccer.

I'd better confess up front that I had some small problems adjusting to their speed and was a bit slower than them. It was a little bit different to play with the pros than with my friends back home, but luckily everyone was really nice to me.

My usual training may be a bit different, but I certainly learned some new exercises that I can also use for my preparation. Especially the exercises that improve speed and ability to respond were useful since these are skills that are also important for us drivers.

The team itself was just great. I had only met them for the first time but they had already welcomed me with open arms and were just really friendly. But there was one thing that was very special to me on that day and that was meeting the unbelievable Thierry Henry.

This man has achieved everything a soccer player could dream of and being able to talk and even play a bit with him was a dream come true. I hope that he will be able to come to one of our future races so I can show him a bit of my world and thank him for his time and kindness. No matter when he wants to come to see us race, he will always be welcomed.  

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All in all I just had an amazing time and I was kind of sad that it had passed that fast. Everyone at the New York Red Bulls was extremely motivated and passionate about what they do. And I think that's the key to success. Whatever you do, do it with passion and you will do it good.

Unfortunately I wasn't able to see much of New York itself, but I already know that I will return in the future. Because in 2012, Formula 1 will finally come back to the United States of America and let me tell you, we are all extremely happy about this return. After all, motorsports are almost sacred in the US and the fans of NASCAR and other race series are just tremendously passionate, supportive and loyal. They just love their sport unconditionally.

Therefore we hope to see a lot of the fans that used to come to the races in Indianapolis and of course, a lot of new ones. We just can't wait to bring our cars back to this country and race our first laps on the new track. You see, we still have a year to go and I almost can't handle the waiting time.

But until then, we will continue to focus on the upcoming races of this season and give our very best to defend our world titles.

I'll write again from Valencia!


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