Autograph signing with Sebastian Vettel in China © Getty Images for Red Bull Racing Team

He may have a 100% record so far this year but F1 world champion Sebastian Vettel is not about to take his foot off the gas as he prepares for the Chinese Grand Prix...

'I can't believe how fast time passes. Just a few days ago we were celebrating victory in Malaysia and now we are in China.

I have to confess that I haven’t really expanded my Chinese vocabulary over the last year… I'm still no further than "Thank you" (Xiéxie) and "Bye" (Xiàcìjiàn) but I promise to try harder for 2012.

Looking ahead to the weekend I’m very optimistic, especially after our victories in Melbourne and Sepang. I think that this track will suit the RB7, and I think it will also suit KERS.

I know that, as a team, we had some difficulties with the system last weekend and had to deactivate it on my car for a short time, but it worked on my car for most of the race. The team will work very hard to make sure it will be fully functioning throughout the weekend.

And as always, we need to stay focused and do our best. I know we are winning now and people are already speculating about the title but we can't even think about that right now.

We have only won two races so far and we all know how fast things can change in F1. So there we won’t lie back and relax now.'

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