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When just the right northerly swell combines with just the right atmospheric conditions and produces a day of monstrous 30-foot surf, the Red Bull Jaws: Paddle at Peahi event will be called on. And the 21 surfers that have been invited to the event will be ready with 10-foot big-wave guns under their arms.

1. Ian Walsh
A Hawaiian surfer who has charged big waves over the last few years and is always a standout at Jaws. Ian was one of the surfers pushing the limits during the paddle session earlier this year.

2. Dave Wassal
From Oahu in Hawaii, Dave is a North Shore lifeguard who doesn’t hold back in big surf. He was one of the standouts during the crazy Cloudbreak session this year.

3. Jeff Rowley
From Australia, Jeff has absolutely taken on the biggest waves in the world, and caught a legit 50-footer at Jaws, putting him straight onto the invite list.

4. John John Florence.
Hawaiian John John has proven himself in big and small surf, also taking on some of the biggest set waves at Cloudbreak this year, as well as one of the bravest chargers at Pipe.

5.Kala Alexander
Hawaiian charger, Kala was also a total standout at the maxed session at Cloudbreak this year. Kala also has a serious dig at Waimea and other outer North Shore breaks.

6. Albee Layer
A young surfer from Maui, Albee has made his name with some crazy charging at Jaws during the recent paddle sessions. At 19years of age, Albee is one of the new crew coming through.

7. Carlos Burle
A perennial big wave surfer from Brazil, Carlos is a humble guy who lets his action speak. He has been surfing big waves for decades, and has great sessions under the belt at all of the big wave spots.

8 Grant ‘Twig’ Baker
Twiggy has won the Red Bull Big Wave Africa, has won the Mavericks event, has been runner-up at Mavericks and has won a number of online big wave competitions including the Oakley One Wave Wonder and the Billabong XXL Awards. He is one of the best in the world.

9. Greg Long
Who could forget his 65-footer at Dungeons in 2007 that won him Biggest Wave Of The Year? Or the giant barrel at Dungeons in 2008 that won him the Ride Of The Year? Or his victory at the 2009 Eddie? ‘Nuff said.

10. Jamie O’Brien

Growing up with Pipeline as his back yard, Jamie O is a surfer devoid of fear. He will go on anything that he can catch, no matter how big or how gnarly. He won the Pipe Masters in 2004

11. Makua Rothman

Local Hawaiian Makua won the Billabong Biggest Wave award in 2003 for a 66-footer at Jaws at the age of 18, and has been charging ever since.

12. Danilo Couto, 13. Garret Mcnamara, 14. Kohl Christensen, 15. Mark Healey, 16. Nate Fletcher, 17. Shaun Walsh, 18. Bruce irons, 19, Kelly Slater, 20. Shane Dorian.

You can see all the invited surfers and more HERE


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