Beat Battle



Dance style: Freestyle

Home town: Soweto

Hailing from White City, Jabavu, Soweto, this crew specialises in what they like to call ‘Freestyle Dance’ – a flamboyant mix of the township flavours of iSbhujwa & Pantsula with some Contemporary & Hip Hop elements thrown in for good measure.

The 7-man man crew was co-founded by Monwabisi “moreflavor” Dlamini and Mbuso “Blagora” Kgarebe in 2009 - in the notion of forming a completely unique group of dancers.
The members of Afro Tribal have come together from various crews and are set on breaking boundaries. They see their routines as a way to express their creativity and emotions using their body, mind, spirit and voices – something that they like to refer to as ‘Afro Tribal Spiritual dance’.

“When we do that, we take it from the heart, as we do that we express ourselves in more ways than just dance.”


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