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Its all gone Southpaw


Southpaw are a three-piece who compose and play irresistible funk-rock-folk. They can easily move from upright anthemic foot-stompers to acoustic folk songs that leave you, to quote Joni Mitchell, with moon in your eyes.

These three tracks recorded and produced at the studio are a spot-on example: Alien Invasion is immediately arresting, full of hooks and narcotic vocals.

On the flip the tracks Raise You Down and Starfish recall the sounds of Beck’s “Sea Change”, strumming your heart chords with finesse and leaving you in a bedroom with rain against the windows.

This may sound out of place, but these tracks are serious value. Rich and expertly executed, you’re getting a bargain by listening and downloading them right now.

Southpaw - Alien InvasionbyRed Bull Studio CT

Southpaw - Raise You DownbyRed Bull Studio CT

Southpaw - StarfishbyRed Bull Studio CT


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