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South African ultra trail runner Ryan Sandes took some time out to answer a few questions from Red Bull fans after his victory in the Leadville 100 Trail, a 160km race in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado, also known as the Race Across The Sky.

What is the most challenging thing that you have ever met in your running career? - SekgwabeThabiso

Giant snakes in the Amazon Jungle! Pushing past my mental and physical limits for the first time in the Gobi Desert race was very tough as I was so 'out of it' I did not know if I was going to be able to take another step.

Sometimes it feels as if I have merged with the sand or mountains

What does it feel like when you cross the finish line? - Angelo Graham
It depends on what race it is and how well I have run. It is the best feeling in the world crossing the finish line after working really hard to reach your goal. It can be really emotional but I also feel elated and satisfied for achieving my goal. I normally have a big smile on my face!

What do you draw motivation from? What inspires you? - John Lucas Jnr
Making the most of life and living everyday as if it were my last. I am inspired by a number of things like our country South Africa, Nelson Mandela, Lance Armstrong, etc.

What do you think about when running on your own in the desert? - Craig Bruton
It's depends on the situation. I try focus on all the positive elements around me and get into the 'zone'. Sometimes it feels as if I have merged with the sand or mountains. When things get tough I think back to all my support and that motivates me to keep on running. 

Is it Red Bull that makes you run like that or are you a natural? - SizweBrightmanBhawuVumase
Red Bull definitely helps, but I love what I do and I am super passionate about running so I think that is the key to my success. If you’re having fun you will do well.


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