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Dance style: Freestyle
Home town: Joburg
No. of Crew Members: 8

Simply put, V.I.N.T.A.G.E are way out there.The eight members each have their own divergent and unique styles. When put together, it is a loud and colourful concoction. A cacophony of styles.

A pageant of glamour and movement that’s sure to delight and surprise you. Here we find pouting krumpers and posing pantsulas. Inspired by the sassiness of Vogue battles and the funk of wacking out on stage, they have drawn on their physical strength and dexterity in an unabashedly camp manner.
And while their personalities are wild and eccentric, it’s their dancing that makes the biggest impact. There is zero-risk of them getting lost amidst all the red lips, peroxide hair, silk and tutus. All of that just adds to the wild creativity of their dance circus.

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